Source: Full Sail University (2020) | Image: Business Intelligence (BI) BIMS Program
Mastery Journey
Over the last month, I educated myself on the topic, Business Intelligence. I learned a lot about the terminology used across the various industries, common processes, techniques, and business applications. My experience was both rewarding and challenging at the same time. This brings my academic journey to an end this year as I finally completed a Master’s of Science degree in the field of Business Intelligence (BI).

During the past 12-months, I conducted research and contributed to group discussions and creative projects on Business Intelligence (BI) topics associated with all things Business Intelligence. I applied the knowledge I gained from academic mentors, scholarly articles and books, and online video repositories to research projects and create executive-level reports associated with the following areas:

  • Leadership & Mastery Philosophies;
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Technologies;
  • Enterprise Data Management (EDM);
  • Business Analytics;
  • Data Mining;
  • Patterns & Recognition Analysis;
  • Process Modeling & Analysis;
  • Data Visualization & Creative Reporting;
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Leadership & Communications; and
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Case Studies.

All of the professors in the program were very knowledgable on various BI-related industry topics, techniques, and trends. This made it really easy to reach out and collaborate with current professionals on real-world problems and have thoughtful discussion about potential solutions.

Overall, I love the complex nature of the BI community-of-practice and the many ways that businesses can use data to improve production/services. For development sake, I can’t wait to share my knowledge on future business-related projects as I work on independent and/or joint projects in the real-world.

Also, this past month gave me the opportunity to refresh my social media accounts and develop a new way forward starting in 2021.

This Master’s program was definitely a good choice for me and for that reason, I know it will be a good choice for others as well. For that reason, I suggest you check it out if you’re looking to expand your skills and knowledge of business intelligence in the real-world.

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Full Sail University. (2020). Business Intelligence (BI) Master’s Degree Program.

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