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Mastery Journey
Over the last month, I educated myself on the topic, Business Intelligence. I learned a lot about the terminology used across the various industries, common processes, techniques, and business applications. My experience was both rewarding and challenging at the same time.

During the weeks, I conducted research and contributed to group discussions and creative projects on Business Intelligence (BI) topics associated with Business Intelligence Case Studies. I applied the knowledge I gained from academic mentors, scholarly articles and books, and online video repositories to research projects and create executive-level reports associated with the following areas:

  • Gap Analysis,
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis, and
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Solution Proposals.

One of my favorite projects I worked on this past month was linked to the data associated with Rolls-Royce’s opportunity to modernize their enterprise of jet-engine production capabilities. In particular, I created a data-informed solution plan to address the company’s challenges/opportunities, which featured a BI systems proposal to implement Microsoft’s Azure & Power BI infrastructure. This solution plan really helped me understand the intricacies involved with creating a well-constructed BI justification and project plan with associated costs. Additionally, it provided me with some hands-on experience as I led all research efforts, performed all the data collection, analysis, and visualization  content.

Overall, I loved the complex nature of the BI community-of-practice and the many ways that businesses can use data to improve business. For development sake, I can’t wait to share my knowledge on future business-related projects as I work on independent and/or joint projects in the real-world.

Also, this past month gave me the opportunity to read another good book on Big Data and its many use cases across the globe. In particular, I read the book titled, Big Data in Practice: How 45 Successful Companies Used Big Data Analytics To Deliver Extraordinary Results.

This book was definitely a good read and provided lots of great business case scenarios of successful companies that used Big Data to elevate their business. For that reason, I suggest you check it out too!

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