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Mastery Journey
Over the last month, I educated myself on the topic, Business Intelligence. I learned a lot about the terminology used across the various industries, common processes, techniques, and business applications. My experience was both rewarding and challenging at the same time.

During the weeks, I conducted research and contributed to group discussions and creative projects on Business Intelligence (BI) topics associated with Process Modeling & Analysis. I applied the knowledge I gained from academic mentors, scholarly articles and books, and online video repositories to research projects associated with the following areas:

  • Modeling Theory & Analysis,
  • Business Process Modeling,
  • Operations Analysis, and
  • Human-Behavior Modeling.

One of my favorite projects I worked on this past month was linked to the data associated with McCormick & Company’s financial information. In particular, I designed a website for reporting using common data tools such as Microsoft Excel, Power Point, and Power BI. Important to note, the web-design followed a hypothetical scenario where the researcher, business intelligence (BI) analyst, and writer (i.e. content creator) was commissioned to create a project website for process model and analysis to showcase the data insights discovered on his/her journey to identify the ‘Flavor of the Data.’ The project website is hosted by using the title, Flavor and Spice Insights. Each of the pages on the website will provide users with an academic-driven topic associated with McCormick & Company’s data. The content on the page will be a representation of the research and analysis conducted, with a reference page for original source links. The content within this research paper is solely aligned with academic requirements and does not reflect a real-world proposal or contract with McCormick & Company Inc.

Check it out!

Overall, I loved the complex nature of process modeling and analysis. For development sake, I can’t wait to share my knowledge on future business-related projects.



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