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Mastery Journey
Over the course of the last 4-weeks, I had the pleasure to learn a lot about statistics and various analytical concepts that are commonly used in the business world to approach and address problems.

Some of the main topics I learned about were:

  • Descriptive Statistics,
  • Probability,
  • Frequency-of-Distribution,
  • Sampling,
  • Forecasting & Predictions,
  • Statistical Inferences, and
  • Regression Analysis.

What I enjoyed most about the book, Business Statistics: For Contemporary Decision Making, 7th Edition, was that it offered the reader many example business dilemmas that outlined a common problem then walked you through the solution. For this reason, I would recommend this book to anyone seeking more knowledge on statistics and ways you can use them in your daily grind at work.

In addition to gaining a bunch of new insight on ways to use statistics in common business environments, I also gained valuable knowledge on the company, 3DR. The knowledge I gained about 3DR can be used to further conduct case studies on to identify opportunities to implement business intelligence solutions.



Black, K.  (2011).  Business Statistics: For Contemporary Decision Making. Wiley.

Craft. (2020). 3D Robotics [3DR].

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