Source: Corey Seasmster (2020) | Image: 3DR Process Flow Diagram (Hypothetical Scenario)
3DR - Process Analysis
To support 3DR’s decision to expand operations and create in-house capacity for a new marketing team member, it would be wise to re-engineer the process flow of their current operations. To do this, 3DR leadership could create a visual representation of this process to educate their staff and monitor progress as necessary.

In the Process Flow Diagram above, you will notice the following:

  • Start/Stop points identify where the process starts/ends;
  • Processing symbols show where solutions are being considered;
  • Decision symbols highlight areas where decisions need to be made;
  • Input/Output symbols let the reader know when ideas become plans, and plans become actions; and
  •  Arrows that guide you through the flow-of-the-process.

At the end of this process, 3DR can use the data collected to measure performance-related activity, quality control parameters, and production output/return-on-investment.



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