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3DR - Sales Analysis
***The following story is a hypothetical scenario created for a real industry company with sample data. The author of this blog does not have any affiliation with 3DR nor is the author getting paid by a third-party vendor to post this content.

For 3DR’s sales analysis that include recent expansion efforts to support new business, as outlined in previous blog posts, we can look at decisions that need to be made about pricing, distribution, purchasing, and suppliers.

For pricing, 3Dr can continue to use the same price points they already use because although market research shows a possible increase in customer demand, they will continue to operate on the same business model as they currently do.

In terms of distribution, 3Dr will also continue to operate on their current business model that leverages a distribution channel that is both efficient and cost-effective. This distribution process will not change due to increased customer demand. Instead, the scale of production will slightly change and only be recognized by the operational teams associated with 3DR’s professional categories in Engineering/Tech, Sales/Marketing, and Program Management as outlined in the blog post, 3DR – Personnel Analysis.

The purchasing and the supplier data will also stay the same until 3DR undergoes their growth transformation. At that time, 3DR can expect to see changes associated with their financial statistics for purchasing and supplies.

With all things considered, 3DR should continue efforts to expand into new market segments such as the market located in Mumbai, India. To do this, they will need to identify sales opportunities linked to consumer demands within that region of the world.


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