3DR - Cash Flow Analysis
Cash flow problems are handled by the Executive Management staff at 3DR. So when things get fishy, the Executive Management staff calls a meeting to discuss cash flow solutions.

According to Craft (2020), 3DR has a history of obtaining financial backing for capital development. Since 3Dr’s startup days, they have collected a total of $152.1M in Series A-D funding. This is highlighted on the image below.

Source: Craft (2020) | Image: 3DR Funding since 2009 using data by Craft
Source: Craft (2020) | Image: 3DR Funding since 2009 using data by Craft

The last round of funding came back in 2017, when 3DR had to consider older customer demands. Will 3DR need another round of venture capital funding in order to move forward with expansion efforts? That’s a great question but I will recommend they continue to stay on track without pursuing additional funding from investors. This will give the shareholders more shares of the pie.

Overall, based on historical analysis, 3DR will not have a problem getting financial backing to support the requirement for additional funding for cash flow needs.


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