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Hypothetically speaking, if the leadership at 3DR decided to register for the Commercial UAV EXPO Americas and become a vendor based on all the great benefits previous outlined in the post, 3DR – Promotional Event, it’s time to see how they can organize potential attendee conference data to support their marketing analysis initiatives.

To start, 3DR can target customer pools focused on the pre-defined categories outlined during the registration process. In particular, 3DR can organize the data into four categories identified under ‘Company Responsibilities’ during the registration process. These categories are Executive Management, Project Manager, Engineering/Technical Lead, and Sales/Marketing. For analysis purposes, these categories represent an attendee’s company responsibilities. Now let’s fast-forward to Day 1 of the conference and the attending 3DR staff wants to organize the data from all the attendees that stopped by their booth from the first day in order to assess the demographics of the data. Here’s what the categorized data would look like.

3DR - Sample Marketing Data
Source: Corey Seamster | Image: Screenshot via Excel of 3DR – Sample Marketing Data

Keep the 3DR Marketing Data by company responsibility in mind as we move through the scenarios of the case study. The data outlined within will be used to create a variety of different Bayesian statistical analyzes.

What are the projected costs to attend the UAV EXPO?

In order to attend the Commercial UAV EXPO Americas, 3DR will likely need to send four of their main heavy-hitter employees from across their business operations. Particularly speaking, it would be wise for 3DR to send their CEO, Chief People Officer, Director of Customer Success, and the Enterprise Sales Director. With this crew, 3DR can host daily briefs at their vendor booth and also explore what the conference has to offer by walking around networking with others. The chart below outlines the estimated costs for the event. In total, the estimated costs to attend the four nights – three-day conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, with four 3DR representatives, will be $5, 256 (USD).

Source: Corey Seamster | Image: Screenshot of Excel for Promo_Event_Costs

Is it worth it?

Absolutely! It’s worth it because 3DR can easily make that money back by simply creating future buying leads via networking and show-and-tell opportunities during the event. In addition, 3DR has a great opportunity to learn so much more about potential customers by using the data they collect from attendee RFID wristbands that can guide them on future marketing techniques.


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