Caesars Entertainment | Paris Hotel & Casino (2020)
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The commercial drone unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market is filled with innovative companies seeking new ways to transform outdated business practices and introduce new ones using drone technology. To showcase their innovative solutions for both hardware and software demands, UAV companies tend to flock toward the industry’s top global conferences, exhibitions, and/or trade shows to reach target customers. For this year (i.e. 2020), it would be beneficial for 3DR to register for a vendor slot at the annual conference, Commercial UAV EXPO Americas. This will be the 6th annual Commercial UAV EXPO in the America’s hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Paris Resort hotel and casino that has an expected attendee count of about 3K+ from across 50+ countries (based on 2019 attendance). Benefits for attendees include but are not limited to unique networking opportunities, insight into new industry developments, and trends. According to DC (2020), the Commercial UAV EXPO Americas is an education program that features more than 200 thought leaders sharing information and best practices on global drone technology.

The conference content will focus on unmanned aerial system (UAS) integration and operation in select vertical markets as well as general topics including automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), security and more (DC, 2020). For 3DR, this is an opportunity for them to get their products in front of an audience of decision-makers looking for solutions that will help increase business workflow efficiencies, save money, mitigate risks, and improve safety.

Paris Hotel & Casino
Source: Caesars Entertainment (2020) | Image: Paris Hotel & Casino; Las Vegas, Nevada


Google Maps: Paris Hotel & Casino (2020)
Google Maps: Paris Hotel & Casino (2020)


3655 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Source: DC (2020) | Image: Commercial UAV EXPO Americas flyer
Source: DC (2020) | Image: Commercial UAV EXPO Americas flyer

Benefits for attending the conference?

As an exhibitor and/or vendor at the conference, 3DR has a great opportunity to use attendee demographic data to gain insight on their target customers and also ways to create leads for future business opportunities. In particular, one way 3DR can use their collected customer data is by having a ‘lottery analysis’ where conference attendees voluntarily share their registration profile information via radio frequency identification (RFID) wristband with 3DR vendor representatives, which automatically signs said customers up for the 3DR lottery giveaway for a chance to win a free trip to Hawaii.

So, what’s all this about RFID’s? Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) – Wristbands

Every registered conference attendee will be assigned an RFID wristband that provides an interactive experience for all. For instance, each attendee’s wristband will include all demographic information about the person such as their full name, physical address, contact number, email, company name, company responsibility, industry type, and even interests by topic. All of this data is captured during the registration process. If/when an attendee wants to learn more about a particular vendor at the conference, all the attendee will need to do is visit a vendor booth, engage in conversation, and voluntarily scan their wristband with the vendor representative to indicate they are interested to hear more about a specific product/service and request a follow-up via preferred contact information available to vendors via the RFID profile. As a result, all vendor’s (e.g. 3DR) have the ability to collect valuable data on their potential customers by simply engaging with them during the conference.

Did someone say…Win a FREE trip to Hawaii?

Yes, you heard it right. If/when conference attendees stop by the 3DR vendor booth and scan their RFID wristband for more information, 3DR will tell them about a special giveaway where one attendee will have an opportunity to be randomly selected to win a free trip to Hawaii.

With this scenario in mind, 3DR has everything to gain from joining other market leaders at the UAV EXPO and more importantly, can use sample marketing data collected during the event to conduct further analysis on their customers and guide future product/service development efforts.

Check out the “3DR – Target Customers” post for more details on this case study and how simple Bayesian statistical methods can be used to determine business questions.


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