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Source: 3DR (2020) | Product: 3DR H520-G

3DR - Product/Service Analysis

3DR is in a good position within the market today because they were able to find a sweet spot for their hardware and software solutions after many years of struggle. Currently, 3DR is teamed up with the company Yuneecoffering the 3DR H520-G components to consumers within the commercial and  government sectors. The 3DR H520-G is a comprehensive drone and software controls analytic platform often used by consumers to perform in-flight and post-flight data processing functions such as object recognition, automated imagery-analysis, and report dissemination (3DR, 2020). In addition, 3DR provides software solutions to drone consumers with their globally recognized, Site Scan technology. With these products and services offered, 3DR is ready to extend their business operations to support an urban city such as Mumbai, India. Most important to note, the increasing adoption of drones in the commercial sectors are leading to a revolutionary demand for big data cloud services.  EY (2018) states that big data from drones, combined with the growing need to evaluate that data, is a key factor driving the adoption of drone imagery software and cloud-based applications, which possess the ability to help drone operators collect, upload, share, store, and process aerial footage.   

3DR H520-G
Source: 3DR (2020); Product: 3DR H520-G
Source: 3DR (2020) | Product: Site Scan app


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