Data + Art = New Opportunities

What a true data-driven inspiration!

Here’s an some older content (2011) that’s still relevant today. As outlined in this creative yet informative video, the user interface (UI) for business intelligence tools that offer functions for data analytics and visualization are equally important to the governance of the same data. Without clean data we cannot expect accuracy in our analysis and reporting. Likewise, without an intuitive and functional user interface for data analytics and the visualization of that data, we can’t expect to turn data into value.

Much love to this man for the great things he is doing with data….

Aaron Koblin: Artfully visualizing our humanity

This entire video depicts some remarkable ways people can use data to discover new things and present information all together. In my eyes, the most exciting thing is the crowd-sourced data projects that Koblin presents toward the later half of the video.

For instance, check out the crowd-sourced data music video that pays tribute to the iconic musician called, ā€œThe Johnny Cash Project.ā€

What if brands created a marketing campaign with a similar crowd-sourced data concept using their own webpage(s) and/or social media platform(s)?

This could essentially be a way for the brand to increase customer engagement, improve customer relations, and possibly attract new consumers among their target audiences.

Do you have any other cool business use ideas from this crowd-sourced data concept? Perhaps on a larger or smaller scale? If so, Iā€™d like to hear your thoughts.

Check out more like this at the following TED Talks playlist:

Art made of data

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