NETWORKING is the single most powerful marketing tactic to accelerate and sustain success for any individual or organization! – Adam Small (Strategic Business Network, 2011)

Today’s job markets are more competitive than ever with the advent of digital technology and the widespread variety of free open source materials to learn new skills. For that reason, it’s critical for all professionals to have a strong NETWORK.

In order to stay competitive in the job markets (present and future), I decided to be proactive and outline a brief strategy to build my personal and professional network communities. Here’s a brief glimpse at my plan to help me find people, connect with them and maintain their relationship.

Below is 10 of my personal/professional network communities I will continue building to ensure I maintain a solid network.


– Estimated members in my network = 73 followers + their followers


– Estimated members in my network = 400 friends + their friends

Rally Point (military only)

– Estimated members in my network = 400 friends + their friends


– Estimated members in my network = 180 connections + 46,735 group connections


– Estimated members in my network = 50 people

Catalog of business cards

– Estimated members in my network = 20 people

Full Sail University

– Estimated members in my network = 30 friends

MeetUp Group Activities

– Estimated members in my network = 200(+) people

Local Networking Events (festivals, concerts, coffee shops, etc.)

– Estimated members in my network = 100’s of people


– Estimated members in my network = Endless amounts of people

Total # of potential members in my network communities = 47,788(+) people

Strategy to continue building my Network…

  • Participate in conversations on Social Media to attract more friends/followers/connections by offering helpful feedback
  • Participate in live classroom discussions at school to build my credibility as a professional media strategist with interests in building my knowledge in particular areas of the profession
  • Volunteer at any chance to experience new opportunities and meet new people that have knowledge in other areas of interests
  • Write and share engaging content on my BLOG and social media profiles to attract new friends/followers/connections
  • Publish multi-media content on my LinkedIn profile to offer viewers a variety of informative material relevant to my professional interests in Media and the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance communities
  • Update and create professional business cards to hand-out to people that I see a strategic connection with in the local community
  • Telephone and send personally addressed emails to people I consider: mentors, coaches, industry insiders, connectors, idealists, realists, visionaries, partners, and even wanna-be’s that I have the opportunity to take under my wing and help
  • Speak to everyone to identify potential connections with people that share common interests with me or people that may be a good quality network contact for future opportunities
  • Socialize with others online and in person about my ideas and offer helpful solutions to community problems
  • Express my personal brand through the content I share and across all digital platforms to ensure people perceive me as a personable professional

Overall, I have a fairly strong network but I need to start contributing to community discussions to further strengthen my social capital. I’ll start by cleaning up my social media accounts and creating content that’s relevant to the people that can support my personal/professional endeavors most. With this in mind, I would rate my network of communities on a scale from 1-10 at 6. From here, I would like my network to grow to at least an 8 in the next four to six months focusing on quality instead of quantity.

Wish me luck!

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