Whether you know me as a friend, family member or even a colleague, it’s pretty clear that my personal demeanor resembles that of my professional persona. In this case, I conduct an Online Presence Inventory of my three most frequently used social network accounts to ensure the content on them portrays the individual I want people to perceive me as, especially in the professional light.

Here are the social media profiles I use the most…

Corey Seamster.com

This is my personal website that not only showcases my personal brand but also my professional enthusiasm. Like my other accounts, my website allows me to share content on both a professional and personal scale for other like minded individuals that may have an interest in my work for the use of personal growth or professional inspiration.


Compared to my other social media accounts, LinkedIn reflects my professional side the most. However, you can still get a good feel for whom I am and the things I enjoy in my personal life by reviewing my content. For instance, my personal brand is very similar to the way I present myself as a professional from the cloths I wear to the organized and detail-oriented way I speak and write. Although LinkedIn only offers content specific to my professional experiences, I try to embed my personal character into my writing and the variety of multi-media forms that tell my story.


Twitter is a good example of my personal brand and professional side as well. From the profile picture I use and the background header that tells you exactly who I am, to the short summary and content I post about Media, Twitter works for me. In the past, I only used Twitter for big events I participated in as a Media Strategist but I intend to start engaging in more conversation with influential people to further build my online presence. If a potential employer stumbled on any of my social media profiles, particularly the three I’ve listed above, I would encourage them to reach out and engage in conversation with me. The content on all of my social platforms will showcase my personal interests and my professional ambitions.

My account is open to the public so find me @ Corey Seamster and let’s collaborate!